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Why employ a personal trainer?

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Working with a professional who can motivate, encourage or let’s face it occasionally gently bully you into achieving your goal is what most people need.  There are the ‘freaks of nature’ that find exercise enjoyable – who arrive fired up and ready to go but for the majority exercise can feel more like a visit to the dentist than a fun way to spend their day but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Everybody is different.  Age, gender, goals, interests, personality, ability, commitment, and personal support network are just a few of the variables that need to be taken into account when designing a fitness programme.  However, there are certain principles that are the same for everybody. 


These are the principles of progression.


For a number of people exercise is a chore, something they endure because they want to feel healthy or stay slim or both, but they can’t honestly say they really enjoy it. So the temptation to find excuses to postpone, cut short or miss workouts altogether runs high. 


If you keep doing what you’ve always done you will not only stop improving you will also get bored and boredom is the death of a well-intentioned exercise plan.  Lesley will not only ensure that you are following the principles of progressive overload but that you have alternatives to keep things interesting and enjoyable.


Weight management & nutrition

There are many diets that promise quick fixes but the simple truth is that Low Calorie Diets make us fat.  

If body-fat loss is one of your goals then Lesley will design you a personalised healthy eating plan. Tailor made to fit around your lifestyle.  See tips for a healthier you.

Exercise & the older adult

I'e worked with the 'older adult' for the past 31 years and can honestly say they remain the age group that are the most dedicated and get the most enjoyment from a personally designed fitness programme, whether their goal be to run a marathon, keep up with newly exploring grandchildren or just be able to pick things up off the floor without having to climb back up the furniture. 

The one thing that working with this age group has taught me is that it never gets any easier - so seize the day.  Not one client I've ever met has said I'm glad I waited 'till now before I got fit.   Read more here...

About Lesley...

I have worked in the fitness industry for thirty years, initially qualifying as an aerobics instructor with the YMCA and a step instructor with Reebok UK. As a gym instructor, I gained much experience working on a one-to-one basis with clients. Then, twenty years ago, I gained further qualifications in personal training, body conditioning and fitness testing.


Working from my own private gym, I have since gained qualifications in nutrition, stability ball, yoga and an advanced level personal training diploma. My current client base is broad, from marathon runners to less able-bodied clients who suffer with heart conditions, joint problems, obesity and diabetes-related issues. I’ve even had the honour of training a Team GB Paralympic blind footballer. Working in both one-to-one and group sessions, I have seen first-hand how a person’s state of mind can majorly impact their physical resilience. Anxiety, stress and depression are all key contributing factors to a body’s inability to heal, both mentally and physically. I found most of my overweight training clients struggled with more than just a lack of motivation. Food had become the enemy to many and years of negative thinking made any real behaviour changes almost impossible.


Wanting to address this, I completed a Person Centred Psychotherapy Diploma twelve years ago. I later found and fell in love with Transactional Analysis and embarked upon a second advanced diploma to qualify as a Transactional Analysis Counsellor. I work with both individuals and groups, in my own private therapy rooms and at a local NHS GP surgery, covering a variety of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, sports performance and obesity.

What Clients Say

“I first contacted Lesley about becoming my personal trainer. Her professionalism and encouragement have kept me attending her sessions every week.

I have never enjoyed exercise or kept it up until I met Lesley, but now I look forward to my weekly sessions with her. I feel fitter and stronger now and have managed to incorporate exercise into my life at last.”



Private Gym

Based in Coseley, a fully functional and totally private gym kit includes, treadmill, x-trainer, static exercise bike.  A Decathlon 900 multi-gym which has too many functions to list, many free weights, stability balls of varying sizes, a large mirror for posture correction and yoga straps and blocks

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